Review: Song of the Angels 

"Song of the Angels is as noteworthy as the music itself. Accurately described as World Inspired Music, Christopher has graced his voice in all corners of the globe, from Kenya to California, India to Peru, Nepal to Australia, the Philippines to Costa Rica... The time spent performing around the world shows richly in his music, not only from the Latin, folk, and native sounds, but from the depth and richness of his lyrics that remind us of our global humanity. The journey through this album is both heartbreaking and full of hope. After a brief but beautiful prelude with angels, one glides into the album on the silky, smooth ride into 'Learn to Love Somebody'. The straightforward, yet deeply inspiring lyrics carry arguably the most important message any of us can ever learn, and it captures you fully for the ride ahead. 'Roses Love the Rain' shares a love story that is pure and absolute. 'Gypsy Winds of Change' reflects on the helplessness of a relationship drifting apart, while 'Magic Hour' poetically describes a chasm separating lovers as a soul searches for his inner light. The sheer excellence of the musicians gets fully celebrated with the beefy Latin guitar and drum sounds in 'The Healer'. Its contagious energy compels you to jump up and dance the flamenco. 'Sky of Many Waters’' native flute and chanting further shines a light on Christopher’s international influences. The poetic storytelling and eclectic sounds leave one feeling as if they’ve traveled this personal and geographic journey with him. In his final song, Christopher sings 'I want to sing the song of the angels, paint on our hearts their message of love.' He can rest in the assurance that his mission was beautifully accomplished."

 -Catherine Yerly, Los Angeles Vibe